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Ahmed, S., Hossian, A., Alam, F. Energy Security Evaluation Through Solid Waste Management in Dhaka City, Bangladesh Conference Paper Link
Akter, S., Zakir, Md.G., Hossain, A., Islam, Md.S. A Fuzzy Based Model for Safety Assessment of AP-1000 and VVER-1200 Nuclear Reactors for Cold Leg Break Loss of Coolant Accident with Turbine Trip Conference Paper Link
Haque, M.B. Evaluation of An Energy Efficient Smart Concrete with Architectural Properties for Sustainable Green Building Technology Conference Paper Link
Alam, F., Chattopadhyaya, S., Chowdhury, H., Ahsan, S., Tasneem, Z., Hossain, A., Haque, N., Jazar, R., Mobin, S., Paul, A.R., Hoque, E. Collective Energy Security, Economic Prosperity and Mitigation of Climate Change in South Asia Conference Paper Link
Chandan, M.R.H., Naim, T.A., Razzak, M.A., Sharmin, N. Image Processing based Scoring System for Small Arms Firing in the Military Domain Conference Paper Link
Reza, M.R., Saleh, S.B., Fatema, T., Hasan, I., Bin Munir, M., Rabbi, M.F. Thermique: An Integrated AI-Based Temperature Sensing and Management System to Hold Back COVID-19 Contamination Conference Paper Link
Ferdous, Z., Akhter, R., Tahsin, A., Nuha Mustafina, S., Tabassum, N. Sentiment Analysis on COVID-19 Vaccine Twitter Data using Neural Network Models Conference Paper Link
Ul Islam, M.M., Majumder, M. An Investigation due to the Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the FMCG Supply Chain of Bangladesh Conference Paper Link
Mim, M.M., Karmokar, M., Tarikul Imam, K.M., Chowdhury, M.-U.-S., Kabir, D. 5G Network Implementation in Least Developing Countries: Possibility, Barriers and Future Opportunities Conference Paper Link
Asaduzzaman, M., Rahman, M.M. An Adversarial Approach for Intrusion Detection Using Hybrid Deep Learning Model Conference Paper Link
Shufian, A., Hoque, M.J.-A.-M., Kabir, S., Mohammad, N. Modeling & Economical Analysis of Hybrid Solar-Wind-Biomass-H2-based Optimal Islanding Microgrid in Bangladesh Conference Paper Link
Tahsin, S., Rizu, M.I. Performance Analysis and Optimization of Triple Junction Tandem Organic Solar Cell Via Optical and Electrical Modelling Conference Paper Link
Arnob, M.W.K., Pooja, A.D., Onim, M.S.H. A Combined PCA-MLP Network for Early Breast Cancer Detection Conference Paper Link
Bhowmik, M., Al Bhuyain, N.I.K., Reza, M.R., Khan, N.I., Islam, M.N. Neurophysiological Feature Based Stress Classification Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Technique Conference Paper Link
Zaman, S.B., Tasnim, N., Jahan, N., Rahman, M.M., Dey, S.K. An Ensemble Machine Learning Approach for Detecting Fraudulent Banking Transactions Conference Paper Link
Ishmam, A., Hasan, M., Hassan Onim, M.S., Roy, K., Hoque Akif, M.A., Nyeem, H. Modelling Lips State Detection Using CNN for Non-verbal Communications Conference Paper Link
Ahmed, K.S., Kawsher, M., Ahmed, R., Sabrin, R., Sarothi, S.Z., Farzana, A. A Displacement Based Design Approach For Seismic Assessment of Flat Slab Structure With Core Shear Wall Conference Paper Link
Taj, T.H., Rahman, F., Islam, M.R., Rahman, M.A., Hossain, M.I., Hossain, S.A., Islam, M.M. Alkali Activated Fly Ash and Slag Combination for Soil Cement Mixing Piles Conference Paper Link
Khan, M.Z.A., Islam, M.R., Islam, M.R., Hossain, M.I., Azam, M.S. Stabilization of Subgrade Soil by Combination of Incineration Ash and Coal Based Fly Ash along with Alkali Activators Conference Paper Link
Tasin, S.A., Islam, M.N., Islam, A.K.M.M., Zubaer, M.M. Implementation of GSM and LTE Re-Configurable Cellular System Using USRP B200 Conference Paper Link
Ahmed, N., Minim, N.T., Hasan, M.S., Sultana, S., Bhuiyan, R.U., Choudhury, P., Hasan, M.T., Islam, M.R. Effect of Sidewall Spacers on the Performance of GaAs Based DG-JLMOSFET Conference Paper Link
Ovi, T.B., Naba, S.S., Chanda, D., Onim, M.S.H. A Transfer-Learning Based Ensemble Architecture for ECG Signal Classification Conference Paper Link
Islam, M.D., Islam, M.A., Sajjad, R.N., Khan, M.R. A Techno-Economic Analysis of Bifacial Panels Under Soiling in South-Asian Urban Area Conference Paper Link
Mitra, P., Sultana, N., Khan, F.N., Bhuiyan, A.H. Study of turning CO2into fuel by underground coal gasification in a sustainable and eco-friendly way Conference Paper Link
Sohan, M.S.R., Kabir, S., Hoque, M.J.-A.-M., Shufian, A. Automatic Protection of Electrical and Gas Transmission System on Earthquake Conference Paper Link
Ferdous, N.S., Ahmed, I., Hany, U., Akter, L., Annavajjala, R., Pu, C. Low Complexity Resource Allocation for Multiuser Uplink Communication Systems Conference Paper Link
Masrafee, M.M.R., Karthikeyan, Humayara, F. Design & Development of Wireless Low-Cost Sonar Surveillance System Using HC-SR04 Conference Paper Link
Suha, S.A., Sanam, T.F., Jahan, M.I. National Policies & their Significance in Bangladesh for the Adoption of Industry 4.0 Conference Paper Link
Rana, M.S., Shuva, S.K.S., Islam, M.S., Zishan, M.N.M., Rahman, M.M. Sustainability Analysis of Solar Home System in Bangladesh Conference Paper Link
Choudhury, P., Bhuiyan, R.U., Hasan, M.S., Sultana, S., Minim, N.T., Ahmed, N., Hasan, M.T., Islam, M.R. Performance Analysis of GaAs DG-JLMOSFET: Impact of Gate Oxide and Its Thickness Conference Paper Link
Suha, S.A., Sanam, T.F. Challenges and Prospects of Adopting Industry 4.0 and Assessing the Role of Intelligent Robotics Conference Paper Link
Aziz, A., Tasfia, S., Akhtaruzzaman, M. A Comparative Analysis among Three Different Shortest Path-finding Algorithms Conference Paper Link
Kabir, M.H., Rajib, M.S., Rahman, A.S.M.T., Rahman, M.M., Dey, S.K. Network Intrusion Detection Using UNSW-NB15 Dataset: Stacking Machine Learning Based Approach Conference Paper Link
Chanda, B., Nyeem, H. Automatic Hand Gesture Recognition with Semantic Segmentation and Deep Learning Conference Paper Link
Shuvro, A.D., Roy, A., Hasan, M.S., Islam, M.R. Performance Analysis of SiSn Based High Efficiency p-n Junction Solar Cell Conference Paper Link
Chowdhury, M.-U.-S., Tahmid, A., Azmain, M.A., Chowdhury, M.S., Hossam-E-Haider, M. Design and Implementation of Real Time Radar Data Transmission System utilizing MATLAB Conference Paper Link
Reza, M.S., Amin, M.T. Analytical Modeling and Design Optimization of Dual Gated n-channel Graphene MOSFET Conference Paper Link
Habib, F., Fatema, T., Khan, M., Khan, N.I., Nazrul Islam, M. Exploring Design Attributes and Development of an Acoustic VR Game to Improve Ethical Values of Visually Impaired People Conference Paper Link
Chowdhury, M.-U.-S., Tahmid, A., Azmain, M.A., Chowdhury, M.S., Hossam-E-Haider, M. Evolution of Algorithms Proposed for Airborne Low RCS Target Detection Conference Paper Link
Islam, S., Faruqe, O., Sohel Rana, M., Shariar, F., Akter, R., Ariful Islam, M., Ashikur Rahman, M., Naher Pinky, A., Tawfiq Amin, M. MOSFET Based Active Components as Alternative to Passive Counterparts Conference Paper Link
Azmain, M.A., Tahmid, A., Chowdhury, M.-U.-S., Chowdhury, M.S., Hossam-E-Haider, M. Prediction of Rainfall in Bangladesh: A Case Study of the Machine Learning Conference Paper Link
Akter, S., Saha, P.K., Amin, T. Design of CMOS IR-UWB Transmitter with UWB Antenna Conference Paper Link
Gugulothu, R., Sanke, N., Ahmed, F., Somanchi, N.S., Naik, M.T. Numerical Investigation of Baffle Spacing in a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Segmental Baffle Conference Paper Link
Rokonuzzaman, M., Akash, M.I., Khatun Mishu, M., Tan, W.-S., Hannan, M.A., Amin, N. IoT-based Distribution and Control System for Smart Home Applications Conference Paper Link
Haque, M., Afsha, S., Nyeem, H. Developing BrutNet: A New Deep CNN Model with GRU for Realtime Violence Detection Conference Paper Link
Roy, K., Akif, M.A.H. Real Time Hand Gesture Based User Friendly Human Computer Interaction System Conference Paper Link
Roy, K., Chanda, D. A Robust Webcam-based Eye Gaze Estimation System for Human-Computer Interaction Conference Paper Link
Afsha, S., Haque, M., Nyeem, H. Machine Learning Models for Content Classification in Film Censorship and Rating Conference Paper Link
Shadin, N.S., Sanjana, S., Chakraborty, S., Sharmin, N. Performance Analysis of Glaucoma Detection Using Deep Learning Models Conference Paper Link
Das, S.K., Siddikur Rahman, M., Mohjazi, L., Imran, M.A., Rabie, K.M. Reinforcement Learning-Based Resource Allocation for M2M Communications over Cellular Networks Conference Paper Link

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